Recently, one old client want to order an new set logo signs.

This client is very nice , he bought a set of brush stainless steel sign in 2019. Now his business is expanded , and he want a new set of stainless steel sign with backlighting leds.

We are very glad to take this order because he came back means he accept our quality and service.

After get payment from Paypal, we did the rest job. It takes a week to finish his logo.

And then we delivery them by FEDEX.

After 4 days, this sign is in his workplace.

Every step is very smooth becasue we had been doing this work for decades.

Sign business is a small biz and tradditional work. We do not spend much time in WEB marketing and keep posting to attrack traffic. We spend more time to focusing on production and reducing your costs.

If you need stainless signs, with LED or without led, pls write to us